Monday, May 30, 2022

The Pokémon Franchise as a Whole.

 Pokémon, a franchise that started with a game, then grew rapidly. There are several different mediums of which you can enjoy the franchise. There is a Card Game, several generations of video games, a long running TV series, several movies, and the list goes on from there.

What really got me into the franchise was when my cousin brought over a copy of Pokémon Red version for the original Gameboy. Heck, that was back when I was 9. I even was experimenting and deleted his save file with a bunch of level 100 Pokémon.

Soon after, I got a copy of Pokémon Stadium myself and played my own copy of Pokémon Yellow on the TV screen. And yes, I didn't own a Gameboy so when I purchased a copy of the second-generation title Pokémon Gold I couldn't play it right away, my cousin let me use his Gameboy to just play the game. Thing is, I had to sit in the corner of my room where the electric outlet was, because the device wouldn't keep charge.

Thank you, Game Freak, and Nintendo, for making an awesome franchise that I will never forget, or even stop buying games from. For over 8 generations now and the games are still going strong. I can never get enough.

Overall Expectations were met, and I never cease to enjoy these games.

10 out of 10, for so much content, and an enjoyable experience.


Sunday, May 29, 2022

Paramount+ - My Opinion on The Platform

Now and then I do like me some Nickelodeon shows, but this service has more than just that, more than enough content to binge watch. You can find almost any old classic Nickelodeon shows on this service and more.

What I have been watching recently on this platform is basically the old classic Spongebob episodes, as well as some of the Paramount+ Original series, like the reboot of Rugrats, and Camp Koral.

At the price range of $4.99 a month plus your internet bill it is definitely worth it. I have yet to even scratch the surface of this platform. Good thing I have a 5-month subscription by using a 25$ Paramount+ Card that is easy to find at Walmart.

Paramount+ has a very broad selection of TV Shows and Movies from several different networks. You could possibly never run out of content to watch. And I believe that the more I watch the more I will love the services that Paramount+ offers.

Currently I am working on watching all of the episodes of the classics that I missed, starting with Spongebob Squarepants, despite the newer episodes being so called "bad". I still find some worthwhile episodes here and there on the more recent seasons.

Overall, Paramount+ is an 8/10.


The Bathroom of NintendoCapriSun

 If you like nasty jokes, or even someone being drained of their PP in Earthbound and actually thanking them for it with the reason of not needing to go to the bathroom.... Then this guy is for you.

NintendoCapriSun Oh My God... With the real name Tim Bishop, he's one of the nastiest youtubers out there, with like over 140k subscribers (last I checked) he's one of the more noteworthy of a Let's Player, heck I even used to watch him religiously when he was playing Ocarina of Time.

Tim likes to commentate on video games, he's even been doing it way before YouTube was a thing which gave him some sort of a head start in the industry, He almost always has something to say in his videos and from what he said in one of his vlogs on his account BreakingNCS explaining how he manages to make content so appealing is that he basically looks around in a game and tries to get a story about subtle details in the game it's self especially games that he has a close bond with.

The commentary of this Let's Player is outright engaging and has a bit of toilet humor mixed in with the bunch, he is also a very informative player as he tends to let people know how to complete a certain mission in the games he plays while also sometimes failing at doing what he just said.

Life Story subjects are also common on his channel, almost every video from him has a bit of his past rubbing off on the viewer, showing he has a lot of passion in the games and on creating video content as a whole.

Other than that, I should say that he is a must watch channel and you won't regret it.

Overall Score on the Channel: 8/10.

If you want to check him out, click here!



Dinsey+ - My Own Opinion on the Platform

Wouldn't it be fun to watch all of your favorite movies and TV shows from Disney at any time you want? It is indeed possible with the internet these days, Disney+ is a very viable option and with the low monthly fee you can browse all of Disney. Pixar, Star Wars, and Marvel content and watch as you please!

Now as a matter of fact, I'm loving the service that I have with Disney+. Watching anything that Disney owns on my new 40-inch Roku TV with a small monthly subscription and an internet subscription through my preferred service provider.

I do indeed have access to someone else's Disney+ account with a tradeoff for my Paramount+ subscription at $4.99 monthly. I'm unsure the real price for the service is for Disney+.

Disney+ does have a large collection of TV shows and movies from many of your favorite franchises that Disney owns, even the old classics like the original Toy Story, or even episode IV and V of Star Wars, which I believe that those are the best of them.

I never seen the Disney content until I was around 10 years old when the channel was freshly enabled on the cable services that I had back in the day... well... my uncle's service anyway. I was watching all of the old classics on there in 1999 and I definitely remember loving every single bit of it.

Therefore, I was really happy when they let me use their Disney+ subscription and all of the wonders that it has giving me thus far. Planning to watching Turning Red tonight and see how that goes. I haven't heard much about that movie, and I want it to be a blind experience.

But yeah, quality of service is phenomenal, and I hope others will enjoy it as much as I do.

Overall, I give it a 10/10.


A trip down memory lane.

Ah, the good old days, when there were CRT televisions, dial-up internet, and a lot of those old cartoons that never air anymore. Those days were the days. Seems like it was the best of times for a child in the 90's.

I used to watch TV a lot back then, we didn't have very many children's channels on our cable package. I usually just watched Nick for the classics like, Rocko's Modern Life, Rugrats, or even when it first came out, Spongebob Squarepants. Those old episodes in the 4:3 ratio.

That was until my dad subscribed to a dial-up internet service (later transferred to DSL) and I always worked on learning the old versions of HTML. This was before the invention of CSS where most websites were basic static pages without a lot of content.

Which also brings me back to when I started browsing different forums over the internet, one of my favorites being "Zelda Fan Game Central" (Which will be abbreviated as ZFGC from now on), which I was G-Lined on their official IRC Network for being a complete idiot and spamming all of the channels.

Back then on ZFGC, I remember when they were on a service called EZBoard, then later transitioned to InvisionFree, then they got their own hosting service, installed Simple Machines Forum on it, and after that pretty much started dying off after that.

I remember that the whole concept of ZFGC was based along a big fan project to re-write a popular Nintendo game, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, into a Link to the Past styled 2D looking style experience. I was following the project religiously.

That being said, I started working on my own fan games, with idiotic names and such... I've never completed any of them, like most of the users on the forum. Even then the site stood strong for several years.

OOT2D was indeed deemed a fake project after some time, and that's how the website started to decline, the whole promise of OOT2D was then taken over on a dead forum which laid to rest with a lot of assets and development engines.

This leads me into a very sad memory... I was having a lot of fun and anxiety over a project that I started back when I was only around 13 years old. I was into an MMORPG called MapleStory and I started on a quest to make the first private server for the game, during that time I went into a mental hospital for over 6 months. Reason being I was skipping school too much and was trying to protect my property from an autistic cousin that I have. So, I actually failed to promise the first MapleStory Private Server. Though I did indeed host one for a short amount of time, until I got bored.

Proof that I was able to maintain a gaming server is all that I needed to get my spirits up for bigger and better projects outside of private servers. This blog being one of those ventures.

Later I started YouTube, I watched a lot of Video Game related content, and eventually came across the Let's Play community, which was going strong for the longest time, and still is. I even started making my own content for YouTube. My objective on YouTube was to get a following on the platform and doing so was very slow and not very effective for my enjoyment. I was around since the beginning of YouTube and I always watched, and still do watch a lot of my old favorite channels on the platform.

As making video content was starting to get old, and very tedious... That is what brought me to this point here.

I hope you've enjoyed my basic life story here... It's a lot... But if you made it this far, I commend you.


In the beginning...

 Well, I suppose I should get this blog started on a good note.

None the less, welcome, I will be making blog posts about tech, games, and possibly even more entertainment subjects. Now, the thing is, I don't know how often I can even make posts on this blog. My interest wanes off ever once and a while and honestly, it makes it hard for me to come up with new topics to discuss.

 I will mostly post about different subjects such as video games, TV shows, or even entertainment in general. Video streaming services like Paramount+ or Disney+ will be in a lot of the posts as well. That pretty much covers all of my current interests.

Now then, this post will only be an introductory to the content as a whole, and it seems making written content is a lot more enjoyable for me than actually making video content. That way I don't have to worry about coming up with content on the fly while recording video footage.

This may be "lazy" on my part, but the amount of work put into a blog post is about equivalent to making a single video on a popular YouTuber's channel. Plus, I think an audience on a blog post is just as good as an audience on YouTube, if not better. I believe all I need in life is exposure to the internet and a bit of extra income. I'm already an internet addict anyway!

I hope that you all can relate to me, as reading walls of text like this can be daunting, but it provides good information in a simpler format that I can provide. Just like I said... Me making text-based content is more enjoyable to me.

Thanks for the support, 


The Pokémon Franchise as a Whole.

 Pokémon, a franchise that started with a game, then grew rapidly. There are several different mediums of which you can enjoy the franchise....